Presenting your Home for Sale to appeal to a large number of potential buyers helps get the most money for your home.  Click Here to watch our Merchandising Your Home video.

Finishing Touches
By using the furniture and accessories you already own, we can add the finishing touches to your existing décor to present a picture perfect home. This may include furniture rearrangement, addressing a problem area of your home, spatial planning, clutter control or just helping to make your home more appealing to a larger buying audience.


Home Re-Styling

A room or two may benefit from our monthly lease service to add or update furniture and accessories to enhance the best features of your home. Making a few quick changes to your home’s overall look can help buyers see themselves living in your home regardless of their décor style choices.

A Model Home
Model homes sell for more. Either vacant or occupied, your entire home can be given the model home look to get the most money for your home by using our monthly lease service to replace your décor with a professional designed look.



We Can Help With
  • Landscaping and Curb Appeal
  • Lighting
  • Spatial Planning
  • Organization and Clutter Control
  • Storage of Unnecessary Items
  • Rubbish Removal
  • Window Treatments
  • Furniture and Accessory Rearrangement
  • Addition of Furniture and Accessories

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